3T’s (Turning The Tide on Suicide)

Phone: 24/7 Freefone 1800 247 100

Irish Association of Suicidology

Serpentine Business Centre, PO Box 11634, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.
Phone: (01) 667 4900

a forum for all individuals and voluntary groups involved in any aspect of suicidology for the exchange of knowledge gained from differing perspectives and experiences.

Let Someone Know

Youth Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Helpline

Phone: 1800 247 100.

provides counselling 24/7 for those at risk of self-harm


112 Marlborough St., Dublin 1
Phone: LoCall helpline 1890 301 320
Callsave 1850 609 090

offer a 24 hour confidential phoneline service to befriend the anxious, depressed or suicidal.

Traveller Suicide Prevention

Phone: (01) 838 8874

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