Phone: Mobile: (086) 127 2156

campaigns for greater rights for victims of homicide, their families and friends. It brings together families bereaved by homicide.

Cork Domestic Violence information and resource centre

OssCork (One Stop Shop), 94 South Main St., Cork City
Phone: FreeFone 1800 497 497
(021) 422 2979

Cork Sexual Violence Centre

5 Camden Place, Cork City
Phone: Freefone 1800 496 496

Free confidential service for victims of sexual and domestic violence, sex trafficking, child sexual abuse and sexual harrassment. We provide counselling counselling and support to men, women, and teenagers over 13 years.

COSC, National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.

2nd floor, Montague Court, Montague St., Dublin 2
Phone: (01) 476 8060

Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal

13 Lr. Hatch St., Dublin 2
Phone: (01) 661 0604

Female victims of domestic violence

Women’s Aid, Everton House, 47 Old Cabra Road, Dublin 7
Phone: FreeFone 1800 341 900
(01) 868 4721

Homicide, support for people affected by

Phone: Mobile (087) 983 7322

Limerick Offering Supporting Times (LOST)

Phone: Mobiles (085) 1270 165 (085) 1404 240.

is about families united through understanding and remembering each other’s sons and daughters.

Male victims of domestic violence

AMEN, Saint Anne’s Resource Centre, Railway St., Navan, Co. Meath
Phone: (046) 902 3718
Out of hours (086) 794 880 and (086) 194 7270

provides support groups, legal information, court accompaniment, counselling and training.

Move Ireland

Unit 2, 1st floor, Clare Road Business Mall, Ennis, Co. Clare
Phone: (065) 684 8689

Helps people takes responsibility for their violence towards partners or children, and facilitates a change of attitude and behaviour.

National Menís Council of Ireland.

Phone: (071) 966 7138;
(021) 430 2128

In keeping with the Irish Constitution, it extols the virtue and value of the two-parent, marriage-based family as the foundation of society.

One in Four

2 Holles St., Dublin 2
Phone: (01) 662 4070

offers a voice to, and support for, women and men who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence and also to their family and friends.

OssCork , (One Stop Shop)

94 South Main St., Cork
Phone: 1800 497 497

Sexual Violence Centre, Cork

5 Camden Place, Cork
Phone: 1800 496 496

Victim Support

Haliday House, 32 Arran Quay, Dublin 1
Phone: Callsave 1850 661 771; 1850 211 407.

offers information and emotional support to victims of crime through ten branches,

Violence, domestic

- Female victims: Womenís Aid, FreeFone 1800 341 900.

- Male victims: AMEN, Tel. (046) 902 3718. Email: Web:

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