Children or families affected by sex abuse.

CARI (Children at Risk in Ireland,) 110 Lr. Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9
Phone: Locall: 1890 924 567

Cork Sexual Violence Centre

5 Camden Place, Cork City
Phone: Freefone 1800 496 496

Free confidential service for victims of sexual and domestic violence, sex trafficking, child sexual abuse and sexual harrassment. We provide counselling counselling and support to men, women, and teenagers over 13 years.

Human relationships and sexuality

an online information service for the young.

Illegal use of the internet

Phone: LoCall 1890 610 710

One in Four

2 Holles St., Dublin 2
Phone: (01) 662 4070

offers a voice to, and support for, women and men who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence and also to their family and friends.


70 Lr. Leeson St., Dublin 2
Phone: FreeFone 24 hour helpline 1800 778 888
Women’s Aid Helpline, FreeFone 1800 341 900.

helps women who have been raped.

Service for adults abused as children

Phone: 1800 235 234

Sex addicts

Centre for Sexual Addictions
Phone: (01) 661 1289

help and support for

Sexaholics Anonymous

P.O. Box 92, Waterford.
Phone: 1850 200 692

Sexual health

Phone: HSE helpline 1800 459 459

Sexual health helpline, HSE

Phone: 1800 459 459

Sexual Violence Centre, Cork

5 Camden Place, Cork
Phone: 1800 496 496

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