Homeless – Night shelters

Cedar House

Marlborough Place, Dublin 1
Phone: (01) 873 1241
1800 724 333

It has accommodation for 50 men, and also provides health care and meals.

Crosscare Night Shelter for Men

Longford Lane, (rear of Whitefriar St.), Dublin 8.
Phone: (01) 475 6380.

A night shelter for men, and provides food from Monday to Friday, 12 to 1 pm.

Emergency Shelter

27 Harcourt St., Dublin 2
Phone: (01) 475 9357

for homeless men and women.

Information on emergency accommodation

Phone: FreeFone 1800 724 724

Iveagh Hostel for men.

1 Bride Road, Dublin 8.
Phone: (01) 454 0182

Iveagh Trust

basement of Iveagh Hostel, Bride Road, Dublin 8

provides medical care from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon.

Night Shelters

Morning Star Hostel,
off North Brunswick St.,
Dublin 7
Phone: (01) 872 3401

Itís for homeless men with low support needs; it accepts men with alcohol and mental health problems. It will not accept active drug users or men with HIV.

Sancta Maria Hostel

7 Charlemont St., Dublin 2
Phone: 1800 724 724

St. Vincent de Paul Night Shelter for Men

Back Lane, Christchurch, Dublin 8.
Phone: (01) 454 2181

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